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So not to throw fuel on the fire, but if you want to engage people you have to have outreach. I recently attended the national 3% FTX in Texas. Not only was I not contacted while there by my state Oath Keeper representatives, it wasn’t until Saturday night that I saw the person who had sent me the information about attending and they never attempted to make contact. I didn’t expect a parade but I would have expected a timetable of events and a meeting with people who would quite literally be expected to have my back should I lend assistance at one of their deployments. If Oath Keepers wants to attract more than members that pay dues and put a bumper sticker on their truck they are going to have to work on their organization skills. Now as far as the FTX was concerned I highly recommend going. The other group, 3up United Patriots whom we piggy backed with, had some outstanding dedicated people there and made the best of a bad situation. Even in the short 3 days I learned a great deal. I also learned a lot about the Patriot movement and felt great camaraderie with the Patriots that traveled from Missouri, Colorado and Kansas. That team from Missouri was squared away and I hope to meet up with them again. Since the FTX I been contacted by a local group and attended range time with them this past weekend.Use these forums and AWRM to meet with real people and avoid the tin foil hat types and real racists and you will find some like minded people in no time. Being part of Oath Keepers and the Patriot movement should be an honor not something to hide.