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Yes, the emotional side of things can really get in the way. Of course, it can also pave the way too.

I’m really not sure how many people share with me what I have regularly done throughout my life. Every so often I take some topic that I know I’m right about, and then throw out the window even the possibility that I’m right and re-examine it as best as I can without resorting to my previous assumptions. More often than not, I find I was wrong and reset myself to thinking what I have decided is actually correct. If my change was really correct or not is anybody’s guess, but I do it and it is emotionally tough. I also find it satisfying to expand my world view and at least think I see things more clearly for what they are. I also find myself dissatisfied with just sitting around doing nothing. Too many people are happy not doing anything useful. “It’s easy to feel good, it’s hard to do good!”. The flip side is that many people have so many problems assaulting them at once that they find themselves a bit lost in what to do about anything. But, not everything has actual time limits. If you can read 10 pages a day from a book, you can read a 400 page book in 40 days. Which may be the best way to learn something new and difficult to deal with. Slowly. Let it slowly percolate in. Argue with yourself about each side.

But human beings (necessarily) need to be motivated also by “what do I get out of learning about this”. We’ve really got our society totally twisted and warped about both the ways of getting things and services we need or want; and what methods do we have the rights to use to get those things. For a good example, I’ll present my own medical situation.

What I need:

I’m stuck in the nasty Obamacare crap. I don’t want to be living in Washington state. The environment has gone. Every summer everything from California to British Columbia is on fire. All of the plants here in Western Washington are sick. They live, they survive, but they just feel ill when I look at them. There are very good people here. But the bad people here basically overwhelm the work of the good people. The bad people here are particularly evil and proud of it. I’m a Texan. I want to live in Texas, get healthcare in Texas and enjoy all of the things I love about Texas. Nevertheless, if I want to live and not be a cripple in terrible pain, I have to live here in Washington. OK, I’m getting some of what I need by sacrificing being able to go back home to live. That’s not OK. I shouldn’t have to abandon my home just to move to another state in the USA just to get healthcare.

How it’s paid for:

Not by me. Since I first came up here, I have had one “disaster” after another. I’ve had to move to about 6 different locations. I’ll just mention my thrilling arrival. Rented a room before I flew up here. Thought I’d have a month to orient myself. Wrong. She was severely mentally ill and asked me to leave after 2 1/2 weeks. I was thrilled to leave. Horrible start.

So, obviously, I’ve not been able to work, which means I am not paying for insurance out of my wages. So that means all of YOU are paying my insurance. That’s not OK in anyone’s eyes. I don’t want entitlements. I want to pay my own way. This sucks! Sorry everybody was “forced” to pay for this. Thank you for paying. You might have even shown me charity if I had been living in a system where I could “ask you for help”, but you didn’t have any opportunity to even decide.

Here is a perfect example of an extremely polarizing, emotional, ethical, political topic that is important. It’s a problem in search of a solution. It must be solved. People are dying, suffering. They have rotten teeth. Yes this is medical. Rotting teeth emit poisons from the bacteria that kill you.

Is it ethical to force you to pay for my care? I don’t think so.

Is it ethical to ask you to pay for my care. Asking is ethical. You have the right to say no.

But then there is the tougher one. What is ethical to do about care of those who truly are incapable of caring for themselves? The overwhelming mentally ill. The truly disabled (not the leeches we have all over the country). My mother and many people I have met lately were severely mentally ill and did depend on charity/insurance. Insurance does not want to provide full care for the mentally ill. You can get care for neurological problems. Disturbing, if you have a problem in your brain that causes seizures, no problem. If you have a different problem in your brain, you’re screwed, since you’re classed as mentally ill.

Tough topic to even discuss. Worse, it’s really tied into the big picture. So just talking about healthcare alone won’t lead to any actual problem solving. Our country has gone the wrong way. It’s time to back out of the mess and go the right way or at least a different wrong way. Societies also learn by making mistakes. We did a pretty big one.

When I mention the big picture, I really mean the whole big mess.

I also want to talk about things like minimum wages. They sound, in general, like a good idea. They aren’t. I’ll bring that one up later. Having had my own small business really gives me some insight into the right way to fix this. Some new laws about independent contractors really being employees is heading even more in the wrong direction.