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Guardians of the Republic Forums Education & Outreach Outreach, Ideas and Experience Teaching those who are not members to provide what was never taught. Reply To: Teaching those who are not members to provide what was never taught.



Thanks for the reply. I did not know what cognitive dissonance was. The little bit I looked up explains lots of things people do beyond just education. I would have replied sooner, but my laptop was in my storage room temporarily.

I have been studying the people around me in various places and settings before really making any effort “towards” them. Right now I am educating myself so that I might have something and some way to teach. You are right on the money about how many people are not and will not be willing to even listen, much less learn something. Honestly, I still haven’t been able to come up with a good answer in how to “find, locate, select, recruit, entice, offer, etc.” the people who can and are motivated to learn. I’m don’t even know if there is a target group to hit. In other words, is there a set of people I can reach who will be useful with what they learn (if they learn) and will have some people that might carry on the effort.

I do see value in being able to use the Internet to spread info. I rent a server and own several domain names. Having a server means being able to do all kinds of things. Websites, email, etc.

I had already decided before this to use the domain I own for doing writing and teaching. I need a different career now that I’m older. I left Washington state to go back to Texas, but I had appointments with some specialists up here. I found out that I will need to replace my right hip. The surgery is scheduled for December 3rd. Since my medical coverage here in Washington is far superior to Texas, I’ll be staying here for a good while. Trying right now to find a place to move to that will work out with recovering from surgery.

I want to talk more about all of this.