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Hey Mad Duner,

Thanks for posting that, I’m kinda bummed out about this too. I am happy to see what the Oathkeepers are doing for the hurricanes and I realize that this is mostly a volunteer organization however I have seen other members trying to offer there services to help organize and even help to finish this website design.

I have been dealing with this new site for months and haven’t seen any improvement, I placed a small sticker order in the gear store over a month ago and haven’t received it.

I have become a chapter leader in so cal and I can’t even message any national members who live nearby, I have had shirts, hats, brochures, and business cards made and I would much rather keep the money I spent in house to help Oathkeepers national. I guess I will be getting stickers made now too…

I plead to the moderators to hear us and escalate this so that decisions can be made and let members organize and help with the website, gear store, and the sentinel program.

Let me know when you go to Glamis brother!