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Thank you both for replying, and I couldn’t agree more. I am not a physicist, or an architect or a pilot for that matter–but all three groups agree that this event and the subsequent demolition of all these buildings, did not go down as the NIST report claims. It is in fact an insult to our intelligence to expect us to believe it did.

The list of “coincidences” is just unbelievable–that our military air defenses ALL failed at just the right time; that the office investigating the missing trillions in the Pentagon just happened to be hit (in the wing that had just been remodeled to withstand a missile strike); that the offices of the FBI/CIA involved in investigating massive insider trading/fraud was in Bldg. 7 that collapsed in free-fall speed even though the building had not been struck by a plane…it just goes on and on.

I DO believe in coincidences, but I also think it’s statistically unlikely that that many occurred on the same day in the same place, all connected to the biggest loss of life by attack on American soil in history. While I do think our government has become monolithic, I do not think it was across-the-board conspiracy. I do think, though, that elements of it HAD to be involved–else 19 jihadis with box cutters would never have been able to pull this off alone. Is this the same “deep state” that currently seeks to unseat a duly-elected president?

I’m a sick crippled old lady now, and not much help to Oath Keepers in the physical sense, but I would give anything to see the dominoes at least begin to fall before I die. If that is an “obsession” then so be it.