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I watched the whole live thing on TV the day it happened and it was amazing how the buildings just came straight down like a ton of falling bricks and did not fall over in one direction like a cut-down tree! That was a controlled, expertly placed demolition if I have ever seen one! Even the airplanes that crashed, looked like they just dropped out of the sky with on skid marks or strewn wreckage! I think little George has a few questions he needs to answer or the CIA? Since then, homeland security has become the Gestapo and the dirty FBI the Nazi SS! Our country has basically taken a lot of our constitutional rights away and thrown them to the wind! I think we need a complete reboot of our whole government and get rid of anyone that does not support our constitution, flag, and our national anthem! The way I see it is that if you disrespect one of them you disrespect all of them!