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Mr. Rhodes and to whoever is in charge of the Spartan/Sentinel program, I already sent all of my credentials to Scott, but I am a trained marine Corp machine gunner and trained in all avenues of defensive and offensive military tactics, camouflage, and concealment, radio operations, hand to hand fighting and map and compass navigation and acting as a forward scout to locate enemy positions, encampment and strength and troop movement,. As a retired Mississippi game warden that worked the last 12 years before I retired, completely alone, with no backup! I am a hunter safety instructor, boating safety instructor, night and daytime certified in map and compass navigation, multimedia medical trained and certified, but certification has run out, was on Miss Dept Wildlife pistol team and shot high master in police combat pistol tournaments with my partner, trained to track men, trained to do shooting, hunting,boating and vehicle accident investigations, trained to preserve crime scenes for investigators, worked undercover operations, trained in air,water and land patrol, trained to locate narcotics labs,whiskey stills and marijuana crops and drying places, expert with rifle,pistol and shotgun, trained in ATV operations and some repair, I train horses for patrol and combat use like the old cavalry horses were trained, trained in boat water patrol and minor repair of outboard engines, trained in police radio operations and procedures, trained as a gunsmith and specialize in building custom AR type rifles, self-taught blacksmith, trained to catch rogue alligators and relocate them, trained to interrogate potential suspects and witnesses, trained in minor judo and Ta Quon Do Karate, trained in hard hand deadly defenseive tactics,empty hand tactics and soft hand tactics. This includes pressure points, pepper spray, PR-24 baton, asp baton, taser and stun guns. Trained in survival shelter building and fire starting with the bow drill, flint, and steel, magnesium fire starter, chemical fire starters, and matches and lighter and battery. I am also a trained wild animal trapper for food and pelt. Also trained bow and arrow and rifle hunter and fisherman.

I will be glad to share any of my knowledge and expertise to anyone that wants it! As a Marine and a Game Warden, I was trained to survive and never to surrender or give up as long as I had the means to fight, and if captured to never quit trying to escape!