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Thank you, Chris4 for understanding. This new website was in the works for a long time and there is a lot more to come. One of our biggest problems has been the balance between member security and the ability to find and get together with other members. Oath Keepers has a presence on facebook, twitter, and instagram, etc. All owned by lefties with zero privacy or control. At some point, we will also have social media here. Controlled by us! This is all OURS!


However, at this point I see that things are taking too long to move forward.

I see several big problems that just are not getting better (some progress forward has been great (really), but it’s being too slow (really again).

ONE. Super slow response time from the server, for everything:
This can be a problem on the server itself with it’s hardware or software or some configuration mistake. Mistakes are very easy to make. (Been there, done that)
A crappy connection to the internet itself (bad area or deliberate interference or sometimes a tricky configuration change can fix this.)
How many things are actually being loaded down onto this (one only?) server?
Slow server = lack of enthusiasm to read all of the forum’s posts.

TWO. Terrible ability to communicate on forum.
This is complicated.
First, the boards and sub-boards are actually chosen pretty badly (forgive me, but it’s got to be said). I would guess that rushing to get anything at all up was the cause??
Second, security on using the forum is naturally compromised by both fake members plus the horrendous meddling that our devices employ to spy on us. Still, it’s better than commenting on the news stories where the whole world can see our posts.
Third, why are topics left for weeks without any responses?
…… What if we are the only ones left in the fight, for whatever reason? Is that an acceptable excuse to do nothing? I tried to connect with my state chapter and got nowhere.
Well, boo-hoo. You ARE in contact with all of us. So step up! Do you really need someone in your state to do something useful?

THREE. Social media of our own.
Look, this is incredibly hard to create. It’s not going to happen anytime soon.
So, what to do…..
Guess what, you may not know it, but private mailing lists have been the social/technical media for a very long time for different interests, from computer programming to flower gardening.
So, since I’m not seeing anything like this getting proposed or set up, I’m offering up the usage of my server for some mailing lists, private only! Which then leads to my next point.

FOUR. Security between members during communications.
There are 4 security situations for online communications:
Semi-private (the forums)
Private – I’ll explain below
Secret – The really hard to get right

Private and Secret communications are hard.
First, a secure server is needed. Good location, good connections and secure software and hardware. Good location is ideally situated under constant guard with a good Internet connection. Any physical access to a computer negates security, period. But really, that level of security is only really needed for Secret communications.
Email is useful, as long as the server does not permit ANY outbound emails (or other types of communications such as a website, etc.
So it is necessary to communicate with the server over a protocol called SSH. Which means a username and a password. Only emails can be sent to other local users on the system. Which means both mailing lists and also direct emails only to the proper people.
This also means going back to the good old fashioned text only emails. No images or HTML pages or any other insecure crap.
SSH stands for Secure Shell, in other words, think of highly encrypted command line connections over the Internet (or locally if there are multiple computers on a network NOT connected to the outside world.) Think DOS if you need a reference.

Implications: You can’t use your browser or email client to use this. You will need to use an app such as JuiceSSH or others, such as Putty on windows.
Don’t fully trust security over an Android or windows device however. Still, this is a big step up towards security.

Secret communications are going to require much more difficult requirements. Fast moving info that’s quickly changing is probably not needing to be fully secret. Unless that gives away someone’s position who’s watching. Ham radio is good site to site but not person to person.

If anyone is interested in learning how to do this, either reply here or send me a private message, those work now. Please remember that if you use something like gmail, google has access to that information in the email. Have you read you Google terms and privacy policy lately? You sure should! Google has now openly declared that it can monitor all of your activity, including third-party apps and sell/share it at will to anyone. If you had any private photos on your phone, they may now be in Googles possession.

I like the KISS method. Keep it simple stupid.