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Hi Derek, how the hell are ya?

I live in desert hot springs about 7 miles away from palm springs.  A violent little world  In which the police are overwhelmed and when called they never show up because they’re too busy reloading behind a tree somewhere.  There are a bunch of 3 %ers  knockoffs out there, but even the 3%ers respect an oath keeper which I why I joined. I think it’s been 3 years now. You are right, I lead a private life and mind my own business which is the key to the element of surprise.  I have been a prepper for the last 7 years, simply because I live right on a fault line and I have traveled the world 2 times over and experience tells me that humans will resort to horrific acts when the chips are down and I wanted a fighting chance.  I served 3 tours overseas in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a contractor and the average person thinks I’m crazy, but a civilian cannot grasp the tactical mindset.  I know there are auth keeper chaptors out there but they’re far from me, which is sad. I live in an area that is highly defensible, easy to navigate and public shooting ranges are accessible. Just keep away in the summer, temps can reach 122 degrees.