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Well I just upgraded my membership to “Lifetime with Spouse”.  My wife was in the Air Force for 10 years as a Environmental Engineer and was a Captain when she left.  We meet while I was was in the USAFRes.  ( I did 20 years active, retired, and then came back into the Reserves and did 6 more years.  Retired from the Reserves and will collect a higher retirement next year (age 60)).

My wife worked for the Forest Service and got disillusioned with them.  She went back to school and got ANOTHER Masters degree, this time in Elementary Education.  She taught fourth grade for two years and now teaches 6th grade in Bountiful.  She won “Rookie Teacher of The Year” two years ago for the Davis County School District.  And YES, she CCs at work!

I’m proud of her and WE have never been released from our of oath !