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Thanks. Boy, I just had a visit from my local democrat Sheriff department for making comments about Pelosi, Feinstein, Osama bin Obama, and Killary Clinton and Summer and crazy Maxine Waters on twitter.! I simply stated I would like to see them hung for treason against the United States and our Constitution! Seems some of the liberal trash or demorats in Washington had me checked out to see if I was a nut case or not because I voiced my freedom of speech just like they have been doing against Republicans and President Trump, only they have called for the assination of President trump, which is a 100% threat to an acting President of the United States and nobody has called the police on them, because they are still at it, only worse! They sent 2 men deputies and one lady deputy. The deputy that talked to me said they had received word from Washington officials that I had sent threatening remarks on social media about hand
ging them and asked me if I had any intentions of trying to do anything to them! I laughed at the deputy and said to him, you have got to be kidding me! I told the deputy that I had said I would like to see them hang for treason and I meant it, but I had no plans on doing it and that I was not some crazy idiot! I informed the deputy that I was a disabled Marine Corp Veteran and a retired law enforcement officer and that I had constitutional rights of free speech and the deputy told me that I DID NOT HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH ON SOCIAL MEDIA! I asked him what was the difference and he could not answer my question! I asked him why did Maxine waters have the right to call out assassinations against President Trump and the Police on social media and nothing was done to her and other liberals for doing the same thing! He told me to hush and I told him I would not hush, that I knew my constitutional rights and that I had not personally threatened anyone but I would like to see the traitors hung for treason! The deputy never asked me for any identification and said I was not going to be arrested for anything and that I just needed to not post stuff like that on social media! I told him I would not and I reinterateted as they were leaving that I was not a nut case and was not a harm to anybody and they laughed and left by United States Flag and my Marine Corp Flag that was flying in the wind on my front porch! I might add also that one of the deputies was trespassing on my private property and my daughter’s private property by walking around in our backyards looking in the garage and at the back of the house, while I was plainly standing on the front porch talking to the deputy and the lady deputy was standing on the sidewalk laughing!

The reason that I am writing this is to let Other Oathkeepers know that all law enforcement officers do not respect the constitution and are liars when they take the oath of their office!
I started to call my local TV station and let them come out and do a report on this, because it is very much a blatant attack against me for using my constitutional rights to free speech, and they are definitely NOT limited when you use them on social media like the uneducated millennium aged deputy tried to tell this old Veteran! Threatening a person is one thing but that never happened and they have my tweets and they just prove my point! Voicing your opinion has never been against any kind of law in the United States, Not even in the Marine Corp as long as you first say, respectfully, but in my opinion! I could cause that sheriff department a whole lot of embarrassment and headaches but people need deputies out on the road to enforce the law! I can not read that deputies mind and do not know his political stand, but I do know that he did not know the Constitution!
I am curious to hear how any of you would have handled this! Please spread this and comment! I think now more than ever is when the Oath Keeper organization should have prepared, armed, trained groups in every State to get ready to fight overreaching law enforcement agencies that do not care about the Constitution and the peoples right! This deputy looked like Robocop with all the military hardware on him! I do not see how he could have moved quick enough to have even drawn his sidearm if I had of been armed and was a threat to him, which he did not even check to see if I was armed and did not ask? They sure do things a lot different nowadays! No wonder so many of them are killed in the line of duty! You have to have common sense and knowledge to go along with your weapons!