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FWIW, I joined just right before the forums changed.
Both my new laptop and new phone needed BIOS/firmware updates almost immediately afterwards.

It’s not at all unreasonable for new electronics to need these. Still… I’m a bit of a paranoid about electronic security, so I ditched Windows 10 informer from my hard drive.
Hacking is not hard to do on any insecure software, hardware or poorly controlled network access. Corporations get hacked constantly. Cheaper to just pay out damages and tell no one it happened. Sorry, I don’t have any skills to do that. Nor would I. But I do know enough to say that the methods used for “skilled” hacking are just mind-boggling as far as the techniques and mathematical genius behind it!

But yes, this forum doesn’t need to be hacked. Infiltrated is as easy as sign up to be a member. So this is a much safer place to talk than comments outside on the news pages, but safer does not mean “safe or secure”

And is your password worth a crap?
This is the canonical password lesson that is always given out (if you don’t know what entropy is, look it up first, it also can be used in describing mass situations such as people or equipment, ya know, logistics, riots)

Password Strength