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Guardians of the Republic Forums Education & Outreach Outreach, Ideas and Experience Wikipedia and (in)direct connections about Oath Keepers. Need Help Reply To: Wikipedia and (in)direct connections about Oath Keepers. Need Help



Absolutely yes.
I’ve been using OpenBSD for years now. It is an open source code project where everything is 100% visible.
I’ve only been a lightweight contributor to the code and also bringing in existing programs from outside the project with the proper adjustments needed to our methods.
So I have been a part of this kind of work already. I’m going to consult with them right now for advice on how to handle a mix of researchers (the really important part) and those who will make the Wiki mark-up that can be submitted to Wikipedia.
Yes, not touching our Wikipedia page AT ALL is going to be critical in not getting noticed by SPLC, etc.
I’m going to email you with some other thoughts and questions we can discuss about this overall. I’m really glad that I can help with this. If we can’t fix our page, un-breaking some of the surrounding groups’ pages should be possible, with care and some patience. The OpenBSD developers have years of experience on how to handle this sort of work, so I should be able to get some pointers in the right direction.