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Here are the bookmarks I needed to put up earlier.
I agree that going after the SPLC is probably a better idea. But it MUST meet the guidelines for reliable sources above. As long as we are careful, we can make changes to their pages. They have direct links to other pages that are also quite wrong.

You are right, this needs to be a careful, group effort. Each editor slowly making small slow changes that won’t attract the attention that any large changes will (and then get reversed), They have software that looks for large changes and auto-magically changes things back. We need to make sure it doesn’t notice us. This will take time and need to be planned together by the group, nothing done solo!

If we can’t change our Wiki page, then let’s directly address these issues at the top of our website pages. Just enough of our by-laws to counter the false charges against us.
Any time we make the news, people are going to come peeking at our website. We need it to be ready to pointedly discredit the B.S. that the media gives out.

I just read an article that says that ultimately, it’s the content, not the decoration that really makes the website. I have to agree with that.

For example, the news is very important, but why not worry first about us, second about that. We really need to “hook” people into looking more deeply at our website rather than just glancing at the top and leaving. If they stay, then they are going to read the news and then look at more and maybe either become members or at least leave a donation.

I’m happily back in Austin, Texas now, so if anyone wants to meet up and get involved with this, just let me know. There are a lot of great resources here we gain draw upon.