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My Dad and I are just leaving Fort Worth and soon to be back home in Austin. Long trip on Amtrak from Seattle, but it’s nice to be finally returning.
It cost all of our money, but we both agreed that things are going wrong really fast right now. We want to make our fight or shelter in Texas. Big cities like Austin, etc are great places during good times, but disastrous when things finally start to get bad.
Small towns around Texas are both patriotic to the US constitution but also to the character that still lives from when Texas was it’s own nation.

We both want to have a place to stay in Austin, but more important is getting hooked up with someone far enough away from the cities when things get worked up.
My dad spent his career travelling around all of West Texas, so he knows that area well.
We have resources in our storage room in Austin that will probably get us through the next two weeks until he gets his Social Security check.
Meanwhile, if there is anyone from the Texas Chapter that could contact me, that would be great. I plan on contacting in person in the next couple of days either way.
We are going to have to stay in a motel the next two nights and work things out from there.
I absolutely think that time is too short now. We were flat out scared that we would get stuck somewhere else. Glad to be home!