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If anybody out there is from Alabama and wants to help me start up a real, Active Alabama Chapter and get squared away and be prepared for what is more than likely coming our way from the nutjobs from the Left, antifa,black lives matter,etc.! Please contact me at and WE will start up a family based unit that works together and protects and defends each other! When the shit does hit the fan, it will be too late to prepare! The time to prepare is now! and I sincerely believe that that time is short! I am very current on the current activities going on in this country and things are getting extremely worse every day, almost hour by hour and I think it is only going to get worse the closer we get to the midterm elections and I think it is going to get extremely worse in November after the midterm elections show a red wave instead of a blue wave! The left just can not take defeat! They have a globalist agenda to put into place and I think they will start acting out with extreme violence when things do not go their way! The real left extremists have already started purchasing firearms and supplies, even though they protest against anybody else having them! Antifa has already armed up and got some traitor idiot teaching them firearms training, bomb-making and hand to hand combat and guerrilla fighting techniques used in Vietnam by the Vietcong! People, if you are sitting on your hands and shaking your head thinking that nothing will come of their actions, you had better think again! That is what the British thought about AMERICAN PATRIOTS at the beginning of the Revolutionary War and you can see who won!
I hate war and fighting just as much as anyone but I do aim to protect my family and my Country and the Constitution and will not bow down to any TYRANT! I would rather die free than live as an enslaved subject! If you call yourself an OATH KEEPER, BE ONE! THAT DOES REQUIRE ACTION AND NOT JUST TALK! WE GET ENOUGH LIP SERVICE FROM OUR ELECTED POLITICIANS!