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Guardians of the Republic Forums Education & Outreach Outreach, Ideas and Experience BDU type uniform to show people who we are and what we represent! Reply To: BDU type uniform to show people who we are and what we represent!



I agree with you very much! We can wear the same uniform, just have different rockers on our shoulders that say security, education, communications, engineers, etc, just like the military does. Our uniform should be totally different from any other military or police uniform in the United States if possible but in some type of camo or khaki BDU. I do think that every member should carry a handgun either concealed or open carry, whatever the state you are in allows. The local law enforcement offices should also be notified by a member of the unit and shown the uniform and let them know we support them if they are PRO-CONSTITUTION! My local Police are sort of borderline on the subject of citizens carrying firearms. The older men are for it but the younger millennium group cannot really be trusted to really uphold their oath! The police chief and the sheriff are both democrats and that is enough of a description to know where they stand! The Sheriff department charges $50.00 for a paper 5-year pistol permit and $100.00 for the one that looks like our driver’s license with a picture on it! Our driver’s license only costs $25.00, so the Sheriff department is making $75.00 off of citizens that want the waterproof picture version that looks like our driver’s license! There are a lot of people throwing a fit about the high cost of the pictured license when every other county only charged $50.00 for the same license! I live in Hazel Green, Alabama, in Madison County, Alabama. We are a smaller community about 10 miles from Huntsville, Alabama. Home of the NASA Space and Rocket Center! They used to be a sac base and made missiles when I was younger and they discontinued the missile program after the cold war, but have recently started making plans t start back up making missles! We are definitely in a portion of the State of Alabama that is a big pot of different cultures and races! We are also one of the strategic spots that can be expected to be hit if we ever go to a push button war! I am making plans to sell my place here and move out of the looting range of gangs and would be marauders if an SHTF does occur! I am thinking of even going on across the line into very rural and hilly Tennessee to get away from people!
That is why I feel so strongly about this organization adopting a uniform and moving toward a more physical agenda, similar to our own version of Homeland Security, with central places for members and their families to go if there is an SHTF situation where members and adult family members can help protect each other as an organized unit!
I don’t know how you feel about this unit but I am beginning to wonder just how many members there are actually in the Organization and if the organization is really an organization that would actually take up arms and fights against a tyrannical government or fight would be traitors that try and overthrow our Constitutional government! It also worries me that there are hardly any posts on the forum and there does not seem to be ANY type of recruitment for members that I know of! I have tried to get other veterans and police and fire and EMT professionals to join and give them the website to read and see what oath keepers are all about and the first thing they ask is how many people are in my unit, How many members does oath keepers have, what does our uniform look like, and are we an organized trained unit with a plan for a SHTF situation! The people that I talk to are doers and not talkers and they will not join just any organization unless they know that there will be physical actions to back up the talk the organization puts out! As the song goes, a little less talk and more action are what they want! I hope that we DO become a little more of a Patriot-minutemen militia and prepper mindset and start organizing before it is too late prepare!

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