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Hi, I’m posting here because this is my first time on the new forum and am not sure I did the “change thumbnail picture” thing right, LOL.

However, a little on the new “Space Force” issue…have you noticed lately the preponderance of articles regarding Near Earth Objects? Each new discovery that passes near Earth, an article discusses it and of course, reassures the public that there is absolutely NO danger of it hitting the Earth. I find this amusing, as the Earth has experienced approx. 9 major extinctions in it’s prehistoric past, and plenty of evidence of somewhat less destructive impacts/atmospheric explosions. Anyway, back to the new Space Force…never lose sight of the “missing trillions” from the budget, which has to be approaching about $20T by now, eh? I’m wondering if the new Space Force was formed to try to get a handle on this situation as well as to “own” the orbital frontier?