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Amen to that brother!

Yes I do think that’s the end goal for the lefty’s as they’re trying to erase history, they were the party of slavery, then the black codes which was the first form of gun control (against the liberated blacks) then the Jim Crowe laws… pretty bad stuff nobody brings up…

As for bailing out of California you are much smarter than me haha!

We call Az. the free world!

My buddy and I have an idea about meeting all the good guys at the ca/az border with pick axes, shovels and pry bars to break cali off and float it out to sea haha 😂

I’ve got one foot out the door here and if our gubernatorial race goes left then I think that will be the nail in the coffin!

Maybe I’ll see you in the dunes.

Thanks for the reply and God Bless brother! 🇺🇸