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Guardians of the Republic Forums Education & Outreach Outreach, Ideas and Experience BDU type uniform to show people who we are and what we represent! Reply To: BDU type uniform to show people who we are and what we represent!



I also agreement that multiple uniforms are an excellent idea.
But I did not serve and have no experience or training that would come with serving.
I see myself needing to serve in other capacities. So far I have not gotten much of a response about doing what is needed to actually do education, both online and sadly, it now looks like some major efforts of physically written and spoken in person is needed. Hmm, sounds an awful lot like the 1700’s when that was indeed the way first diplomacy with the British Government, which failed and finally resulted in the Declaration of Independence.
As an Associate Member, I want a uniform for me that clearly states Oath Keepers on the front and back with bold words of EDUCATION also on both sides. I think that each section of us when doing different actions, that each member is carrying out at the time should have it’s own color and description, when appropriately safe. A generic uniform that everyone can wear should also be available.

One question. When I have the money, I want to buy body armor. What clothing is appropriate with that?