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Guardians of the Republic Forums Education & Outreach Outreach, Ideas and Experience BDU type uniform to show people who we are and what we represent! Reply To: BDU type uniform to show people who we are and what we represent!



I agree somewhat with that! Working incognito is a good way to blend in and gather information but on the downside, it does not let the good guys distinguish us from the bad guys unless they are wearing some sort of identifying clothing such as a type of colored shirt, mask or the Antifa? all black with masks to hide their faces! I have worked both undercover and uninformed, and I can assure you that law enforcement will not hesitate one little bit to pepper spray, shoot you with rubber bullets, stun grenades and use physical means to put you down with tasers or physical force if they do not recognize you as one of the good guys! I have personally put law enforcement officers on the ground and handcuffed them in certain situations because they were not identified until a day or two later after they spent a day or two in jail!  Since this organization are not acting, commissioned law enforcement officers with arrest powers, and should not be working undercover unless, under very limited circumstances where they are working with a State or federal agency or a State agency, I think we should be wearing a uniform to identify our organization as good guys by law enforcement! Reserve officers are required to wear a uniform and as a retired law enforcement officer, I think it would be to our best interest to wear some type of identifying uniform instead of everyone being an individual! Individualism most times equal a sloppy and unorganized unit that do not accomplish very much as an organized, disciplined unit where everybody looks the same!  guess that is the Marine and law enforcement officer in me, but if we are not wearing uniforms because of being afraid to be identified by the bad guys, then I know I am in the wrong group and I hope others feel the same way! Like the old saying goes, If you are afraid to stand up for what is right, then you will fall for anything!