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STEPHEN SCHWANZ: I’ve been trying to find out who is our state contact for some time now. I see you and others have joined, but our group (NC Triangle Oath Keepers) has not gotten word about any of this. We are in the Research Triangle area (Raleigh Durham, Chapel Hill), but I’ve had contact with Oath Keepers near you and they are not being connected. If we even hope to get a state chapter going, this has GOT TO CHANGE. I’ve contacted National, but after a couple exchanges I can’t see where anything has improved. I’ve even volunteered to be the State Contact. Nothing. If National is listening, you have got to support your base or your base will not support you. That is a simple truism for anything in life. There is too much at stake right now to be dropping this ball. Stephen, I’ll see if I can find those contacts again for you. Some you may be able to find for yourself on the Face Book page for North Carolina Oath Keepers. I’m an Administrator there. Since many have become leery of the policies of Face Book, I’ve also started the same page on MeWe. Hell or high water, we’ll get this done.