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This is something that I have been extensively researching for the past couple of months. I too have noticed the need but not the commitment. Starting your own org requires resources and action. As far as starting your own chapter of this org you may run into legal issues if you try to utilize the 503c status. However, if you become a sub-org of this org which the President and board members give the ok you will be able to use the 503c status without applying for CORP status. Do check in the IRS code under Non-Profits and you will get your answer there.

As far as my own org, I have quickly realized that in order to stay focused and not have any outside influences i.e (Registering with the IRS and local state for NonProfit status to Incorporate) the only option you would have¬†officially¬†would be to become a Non-Profit LLC. As long as you can provide evidence that your NPLLC is for NP leaning side then you can get the 503c status and not have to deal with having board members etc. I prefer in the “eyes of the state and IRS”, to officially maintain an “unorganized group” backed by other ventures.