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The only thing wrong with that Brother is one day, we will have to use that stick! We should not be afraid to stand proud and show that we ARE an organized group to reckon with if WE do have to physically fight with the rifle in hand, just as our forefathers once did to Bring Forth This Nation!  To crouch and hide from those that do not share our American values and beliefs in the Constitution and The Free Republic of The United States of Americas, is compared to a bunch of hooded night riders that were just cowards hiding behind bed sheets! I am not afraid of the special interest groups, politicians and definitely not afraid of the liberal, immoral garbage that is trying to take over this country! To stand with your mouth shut and say nothing is just as bad as complaining about the government when you don’t vote! That is the problem today, too many men have kept their mouths shut too long and things have gotten way out of control in this country! We have let the government be that big bad monster that we crouch and tremble in fear of when we hear a new Federal law or regulation we don’t agree with passes! It is just like everybody was scared to death to even speak anything bad about Osama bin obama or killary clinbton when their regime was in office! Everybody was afraid the crooked fbi or atf or cia would kick in their door and kill them in their bedclothes! I am a Southern Born, Republican, Marine Corp Veteran, retired law enforcement officer, NRA member, Christian and proud 100% true red white and blue, GOD fearing, American and Constitution Protector and I am not afraid of anybody knowing it! I wear a bumper sticker proudly on my vehicles and proudly fly a USA Flag and a Marine Corp Flag on my front porch! I would fly a Confederate flag right beside them, but osama bin obama is not in the spot as president again, and I did say spot because he was never a president of MY United States! He was a domestic enemy of our Constitution and our United States!, plus, I am not a racist and sadly the Confederate flag has become the center of all racism  in this country when it was only a badge of Heritage to a bunch of people that fought government tyranny and government overreaching and for their States Rights! Let me be the first to say, that I do not believe in slavery and that was what caused the downfall of the South, not the war!  The southern politicians were just too set in their ways to recognize that machinery might have cost more, but would have increased production and profits more than any human you had to feed, house, stand guard over and make work!

If we men, true Oathkeepers in the United States do not stand together and truly be willing to fight a political and a PHYSICAL battle for our GReat Constitution and our Great Republic, WE WILL be fighting  another Civil War in this country and this time it will be for our survival from being executed for our beliefs, just like the Jews were under Hitler!

I didn’t mean to sound like I was going off on you brother! I just love this country and hate what the crooked politicians and the immoral liberals have and are doing to this country! I have baby grandchildren that have to grow up here and I want it to be a place of Freedom for them like it has been for me!