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I feel your pain Norseman! I have been trying to start a unit that is combat ready to deal in all situations such as search and rescue, armed security, food storage for the unit just in case! and basically, a minute man type unit to be the home guard or community guard in case of civil unrest or civil war or an armed invasion of outsiders from another country! With all the demorats pushing violence and groups like Antifa, black lives matter etc, I can smell some type of civil unrest or even another civil war coming as early as November when the blue wave is red instead of blue! They have promised it over and over but nobody seems to be listening! I know OK stands for the constitution but a wise man once said, talk softly but carry a big stick! I think it has come the time for us to start picking up those sticks and start preparing to use them if we have to!  Of course, I am an old Marine Corp Disabled Veteran and we learned to fight and survive! I sure wish you lived in North Alabama! I have tried everything I know to try and recruit people but nobody seems to care or know what is going on around them! I am very surprised at the retired military and law enforcement personnel in my area! I hope and pray they will wake up before it is too late to prepare!