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I am! This is what I have been saying that we need, especially with all the demorats making death threats to Republican voters and crazy groups like antifa that are nothing but domestic terrorists, beating up conservative voters and supporters of our constitution and groups that are following that little-paid puppet hogg, trying to ban ALL firearms in the United States and just stomping and spitting on our 2nd amendment of the constitution! I think all hell is going to break loose from these nut jobs in November when the blue wave turns to the Big Red Wave! I have already heard chatter that these groups were going to attack and kill any voter with a Republican bumper sticker on their car or a sign in their yard or a member of the NRA with a sticker on their vehicle! I guess It will be a good day to die for someone because this ole worn out Marine and retired Law enforcement officer still packs some heat and knows what to do with it!  I think this Spartan and Sentinel training program is the best thing we can do! Thre are many people out there looking for groups that are not crazy fanatics to join up with to have some protection in unity!