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I am currently writing up a detailed page about security concerns. Not finished yet, as this is both simple and also very technical.
Where should I post this?

As a quick note:
If you are using any Windows OS (operating system), your security is already breached by at the very least by Microsoft itself. 100% certain.
If you use any phone software at all, Android (is Linux) or i-phone, you are or will be breached.
If your computer uses Mac OS, also is or will be breached.
If you are using any Linux OS (there are many distributions), same as above.

The most secure OS I am aware of, and I use it, is OpenBSD.
Ignoring any outside programs you add, which may or may not be secure, the OS itself has had exactly two (yes 2 and only 2) bugs in a little more than 20 years that allowed an attack over the network to be able to actually penetrate and get into the operating system remotely.
I strongly advise that everyone visit the site and read up about it. It’s OK if you find lots of details that are hard to understand.

If you are going to buy a replacement computer, DO NOT buy one that uses Intel or Nvidia chips or graphics. Intel has now been determined to be unsafe and insecure. AMD chips also have some flaws, but not as horrible as Intel.
If you have an older computer, keep it for added security and don’t use it for everyday stuff, just stuff that needs security.
OpenBSD has taken bold and powerful steps to block these attacks. No other OS has decided to take all of the full and essential steps.

Finally, besides the HARDWARE problems above, there are also both hardware flaws and software flaws that can purposely send all of your documents and keystrokes to remote sites.

There are also MITM (known as man in the middle) attacks after your data passes out onto the Internet. The NSA uses this to intercept or trick you into revealing your data by sending you to false sites that connect to your destination website, but also insert malware into your computer. Ugh!

I’m writing up about this in both a simple explanation for those who are not computer experts and also in technical detail with references to other sites for those who are comfortable with that format.

Look up on wiki about what a one-time pad is for a foolproof encryption. That will be helpful later.