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Well, to make matters worse and a little closer to a war starting, Antifa and Black lives matter have deemed open season on constitution defenders that want to hold our Republic together as our forefathers did! Antifa has armed themselves up with firearms and ammunition and have recruited some idiot traitor to train them to use these firearms and to use current military tactics against anyone that tries to uphold the Republic of the United States and our constitution and have waged war on Republican supporters and black lives matter has opened season on white Trump, Republican supporters, and law enforcement officers. I fall in all categories and I will and have already armed myself up and put back needed supplies for my family and myself because this old Marine Corp Vet will not run and hide! I will fight to the death to uphold my oath to my country and its constitution! I would advise those that are sitting on their hands to do the same because it is coming to your neighborhood just as the enemy has promised!