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  • I would like to know if there is anyone else in the state of Alabama but me! I have sent an email several times to the Alabama chapter address but have never heard anything back. I would like to know if Oathkeepers have any kind of plan for an armed force to combat the rising threats of violence and death threats to constitution supporters, President Trump Supporters, USA supporters and the threat of death and violence from black lives matter to all police officers, white supporters of the constitution,President Trump and Republicans! Folks, I believe the time for talking has come to an end! You can not have a rational discussion with irrational people, and these people are way beyond rational! They are purely domestic terrorists that will not rest until the United States and our Constitution is done away with!  Maybe Oathkeepers should start swinging in the direction of forming a legal, armed militia and not just give lip service! I am a disabled Marine Corp Combat Machine gunner, Retired Law enforcement officer, gunsmith, and member of the NRA.  I have already started stocking supplies for my family because I can smell civil unrest or maybe a nationwide civil war coming very very fast! I stand firm on my oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States and since it is already being threatened with violence and death to supporters by these domestic groups, that are arming themselves and have enlisted the help of experts in firearms and military tactics to train them because none of them, but maybe a few traitors, have any knowledge of firearms or fighting tactics.
  •       If anybody out there feels the same way as I do, sound off! I am not some crazy gung-ho idiot wanting to kill people but I do not plan on sitting on my hands and wait until these people start burning and looting my community before I start preparing! Maybe that is just the MARINE IN ME TO BE PREPARED, ADAPT AND OVERCOME!