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Matt McD~


You didn’t say where you are from so I’ll refer you to the state chapters map under contact us; left side bottom, to assist with locating state and local chapters. As this is a relatively new website we are currently working on aggregation and updates to the state chapters P.O.C. (Points Of Contact) into the map. Some areas may not have a state P.O.C. but do have local/regional chapters which will happily add when validated. You may also want to try social media and search engines with the term “Oath Keepers” your county and state. If you fail to find an active chapter near you I would encourage you to start your own chapter. CPT is as good a place to start as anywhere. If you do please let us/me know and I will add your P.O.C. info to the map. If you do find a chapter that’s not listed on the map please let us/me know as well. As to whether a chapter and it’s members are covert or overt really depends the demographics of your area and chapter members. I personally prefer overt. That being said I know some chapters consist of mostly elderly people who are unable to attend rallies, parades, fund raisers, etc. but still support the cause. So it’s not so much how the message gets out but that it gets out. My local chapter started quietly and when we started gaining members we found we had the support of the local politicians who now come regularly to speak out our meetings. We march in parades, attend Honor Flights, show up at fund raisers, support first responders and the police. We have active and retired police, fire, ambulance, and military members and others who have voluntarily joined county and local emergency services such as the Medical Reserve corps or ARES/RACES (Amateur radio emergency services). When ever possible I encourage the use of the proverbial carrot over the stick.  We engage with those who differ in opinion in an open dialog when it is constructive and possible. When constructive dialog is not possible we state our values proudly, Individual Freedom, Liberty, private property rights, the rule of law and fidelity to the Constitution and let our opposition expose themselves by arguing against these tenants in this we have found that that the Reach, Teach and Inspire motto to be the most productive. Many people are ignorant of history, civics and current events. The C.P.T. concept will help you get your foot into the door and to start these dialogs.  By the way, pay no attention to what Wikipedia or the S.P.L.C. says about us. They HATE Oath Keepers, we are a threat to them,  and they are trying  desperately to define us as something we are not. We must define ourselves. That’s why it’s important to be consistent with our values, bylaws, and actions.