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I got a question that I need help with from someone that has been on a school watch/security aid type situation! I have a good friend of mine that is a retired Navy man and was a navigator in a sub hunter plane. Bless, his heart, he is a great guy but knows nothing at all about firearms! He carried a Model 10 Smith and Wesson on him in the Navy but I seriously doubt if he could hit a wall if the muzzle of the revolver was placed against it! He teaches history at his grandchildren’s Church/School and the administration has set up a very weird type of armed roving patrol! They are to all wear the same color shirt and khaki trousers on the day that it is their turn to pull security detail! None of these people to my knowledge have even been to the range yet and the school has just started! They are to carry concealed, and they were talking about using dang ankle holsters but I hope I have them talked out of this because as a retired law enforcement officer I know an ankle holster is hard to get to, easy to come off and get kicked out on the deck and will not work with the type of handgun that is needed for the job! It would be like carrying a ball and chain around on your ankle all day. The School did not get any local Law enforcement agencies to help set their security program up, instead, they got some podunk security outfit to advise them! I could tell when he told me that they all would wear the same exact color Polo shirt and trousers that it would not take anyone with any kind of a brain to just watch a few weeks and they could figure out who was armed on campus! I persuaded him to tell the School officials to get their local law enforcement to assist them and to do away with that same outfit stuff if they were going concealed carry and wear everyday clothing If they were only doing roving, outside security , have them to get some type of high visibility armbands or vest and put it in a pocket or small pack or something! Now, he has asked me if I would volunteer to do some standby security to back them up if needed! I, of course, would have to stay off School grounds because I am not an employee or connected with the School/Church. I have no problem with that at all and am willing to assist whenever I can, but I want to know how Oathkeepers would do it! I will, of course, let  Law enforcement and School officials know who I am and what I am doing sitting across from the school with binoculars and a radio and what I will be wearing the days I am volunteering my time! I think I have all my bases covered but if anyone has any suggestions I am all ears!

I am used to being an armed, uniformed officer with a rifle and or riot gun with me while on duty unless undercover, then only my sidearm! I really get a little squeamish just trying to picture this security set up and the many different types of firearms these people will be carrying! When I told my friend to make sure that everyone that was going to be armed to carry controlled expansion ammunition to avoid shooting thru people and walls and injuring or killing innocents, he asked me what and where to get that kind of ammunition??? As we say in the CORP, this is going to be one giant Cluster ***K if a shooter situation does happen!