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I was a National Moderator in the previous forum, Was banned for no reason whatsoever.

I was eradicating intruders from left to right specially from Russia.

I reported them many times to HQ’s also asked for a tool needed

to clean that mess. NeverĀ  got an answer. They (Intruders)logged in and took many brothers bios with them. I try hard to keep OK and the brothers safe, But I was alone on the subject. Today I still getting phone treats from Russia.(I traced their call back to them)

I informed the brother not to mention/postĀ  anything important

in the forum or PM, Since all that was compromised and no help from high ups, We decided to create a “Proton Group” to discus

all this happenings to save the OK forum. But instead we was accused of making a militia to overthrow OK’s. And that’s a lie.

I try real hard to get OK’s forum safe, But failed from above.

Juan (tango-warrior)………..Still standing by.