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Michael R. King


I am searching for solutions, thanks for your insight. You are correct, probably not practical. But as mentioned they do not assimilate, talking ultra-liberals, the cancer, so how long they live in a place will not purge them of their socialism / globalism. I was stationed in New Mexico for 5 years, and came to love the desert. I would use my vote to try and ensure the right people were elected, and would abide by a law that disallows me from holding political office. The price being worth the effect? Law enforcement and military could be exempted? Banning non-natives from office would weaken their direct political activism, but not guaranty the local politicians would not be anti first and second amendment, politicians being what they are, political party making no difference. Yes you are correct also in that it is very frustrating. And of course in all honesty, I am looking at the situation from my ultra-conservative view point. I love the constitution as it is, black and white, I have no problems with anyone who does not want to take away my rights. But usurpation is in their DNA. V/R mike