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Something to be aware of regarding what our government has been doing and continues to do is put cryptography as not being a right to use.

So some caution is called for, sadly.

This is the operating system I use and I always download everything from outside the USA.

It might be smart to use a backup server that is outside of any country with treaties to turn over people or equipment to the federal government. Many countries closed or refuse to open bank accounts for US citizens because of our government wanting detailed reports from outside of our country

Only reason my server is in the USA was a lack of $$. I plan on changing that soon.

So there are some legal issues that may have to be considered for computer security.

Doesn’t it suck to actually have a conversation about needing to keep critical resources away from our own government!

Welcome to the days of the Founders’ problems

I don’t have the knowledge to help very much, but I can probably find the right person to talk to, if they want to