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It’s far too late for either of the government or the global corporations to be of any use with this. In fact, I agree that the market must determine the proper prices.

These require education about work in general. An education I only received from both experience and most essentially  having my own business.

People are taught gravely wrong what is going on with jobs what it really means to be an employee and an employer.

First  the two words employee and employer must be discarded  They are tricks that the people with resources came up with to move themselves falsely to a fake position of power.

Forget about the government crap completely for awhile

There is a project that needs to be done

What do we have?

A source of money and a need to get the labor done in exchange for funds

That is one side

On the other side  there is someone else who can provide the labor in exchange for funds

This is the development of a contract between two EQUAL parties that will leave both sides happy or the contract will not be accepted.

A job interview is necessarily seen as a review by both sides to determine whether or not they will work together or not. It is not correct to think of this meeting as whether or not “they will accept you or not”. Both sides should be interviewing each other every bit as much  else one risks being “just a stupid employee” or “just some stupid company”.


I came to understand this deeply every Monday morning I woke up knowing I had bid the wrong price and I’d have to work the week for free.