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Steven Schwanz

Matt, I realize there is nothing going on in Oath Keepers, or the CPT Forum that would be considered illegal or immoral etc..However, it is naive to think that nowadays, the far left lunatics, anarchists and America Haters would not try something to strike back against organizations like this one. They do it through cyber attacks, they collect information and then sell it on the dark web – and the next thing you know, things like bank accounts are being breached, your home or vehicles being vandalized or you are being blamed for things you had no part in…just because you were “outed” as a member of this organization. Try doing a “Google” search for Oath Keepers – and look at the trash that is written about this organization by outlets like Wikipedia, AOL, Yahoo, etc..I’m just trying to be cautious in how I approach other OK members since they don’t know me from Adam- I don’t want to alarm them since I just “pop up” and want to particpate and they know nothing about me – nor do I know anything about them.