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Leonard (TX)

You are still talking about the government controlling wages.   That might be how Europe works but that was never supposed to be how America works.  The government shouldn’t be telling a business owner what to pay or what benefits to offer anyone.  The market will figure that out.

If John or Juan have to take on a 2nd job to make ends meet then so be it.  Generations before us had to do it.  Why are we so special?  Maybe John or Juan will move up in the working world as they gain experience and prove their metal in the work place.  This would allow them to make more money per hour.

If you want to stop illegals and people avoiding taxes by working under the table, then fine the crap out of the EMPLOYER who hires in such a way.

$35-$65 for survival number is no where near reality in most of America.  That’s a minimum of $72,800/year.  Maybe parts of California and New York City require that to ‘survive’, but we know that left wing policies have caused much of their situation.  The more you ‘force’ an employer to pay, the more a companies products and services cost and you just keep creating a cycle of increased costs, then forced increased wages, then increased costs, then forced increased wages….  Maybe people should quit thinking that they need an x-box, tattoos, a 70C room temp, etc…  Maybe they should do as my grandparents did and be frugal.  Reuse that Christmas wrapping paper next year.  Take that extra piece of cornbread home from the restaurant instead of throwing it away or better yet, just eat at home like most people used to because it’s … cheaper.


I work and live around and in Austin just like you do.  There are some left wing wackos running this city/county and I am seeing the same trends here as we have seen in places like San Fransisco, where basically only homeless and wealthy live because the middle class has been priced out of the area.  Housing and Property taxes are getting stupid but our Texas Governor want’s to make it so we, the people, can at least vote on property tax hikes instead of the cities / counties just jacking them up.


The world isn’t perfect and government tends to make it less so.