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Douglas Purcell

Good afternoon All,

I just joined today, its getting tight out there and will only get tighter/crazier.

The time is here to stand up for Donald John Trump! He fights for us every single day.  No more sitting around waiting for some shoe to drop. I’m not advocating violence not at all I do not believe it will be necessary if we do the foot work necessary.

I believe it would be more than use full to have a folded piece of paper in our pockets at all time,  a list of the most important accomplishments, most important administration goals, and important talking points. I have a list started, please add as you feel necessary.

It is vitally important to be able to articulate or main points and goals with razor sharp accuracy so we can render our adversaries arguments moot.

It’s not OK to be  apposed to a strong military, it’s not OK to advocate open boarders, its not OK to voice the opinion to abolish ICE, …

Complete list to follow.