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Well, if we walk away from the legal minimum wage and instead talk about a minimum survival wage instead. This is enough to buy a single person an acceptable living quarters, enough food, a car or other transportation, medical and a bit of spending money for fun.

Now let’s talk about John and Juan. They both need to have exactly $100 in cash total for meeting this survival wage.
Now Junky Auto Parts has two job openings that pay exactly $100 per day. Now, Junky Auto Parts could care less whether it’s employees work legally (paying taxes, social security, etc) or under the table. They just happen to make sure that all of the taxes get paid in either case, so forget about them.

Now John has decided to work under the table. He gets his $100 and is happy.
Jose has decided to be a proper American and pay his taxes as he should.
Slam. Jose now ends up with $75 for his days work and fails to meet his survival wage.
Uh Oh. Jose now needs to look for a higher paying job that results in him getting his $100 in full, which means he needs to find a job that pays $125 per day.

Guess who gets employed? Guess who makes it? Not Jose. But John does. And now we pay his taxes.
Poor Jose is now homeless and living in his car. A high price to pay for not breaking the law.

We need not a minimum wage but rather a survival wage. The cost of living is different all over the country. States/Counties/Cities need to determine the right numbers.
And those numbers need to be FAR higher.
No one who works a full time job should ever worry about homelessness, hunger, health or just the need for some fun in life.

Our fiat money has fallen so far in value that we really are talking about numbers from $35-$65 per hour. For bare survival only.
This is a disastrous situation that is going to have to get very ugly to fix it.
If we can fix it.

Unfortunately, the politicians just want to keep borrowing money until there is indeed a massive monetary collapse. I think the fall of the Soviet Union will be very mild compared to this.

However, I always try to look for a possible miracle. Technology is at a crucial and very profitable stage that is just starting. My hope is that we all get rich off of some new discoveries that puts the USA back on top and it’s debts paid off.

Hey, the Industrial Revolution was both a killer and a miracle.
I think the biotech revolution will make that look timid.

So as grim and bleak as things often appear, never forget that good surprises happen too.