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Welcome back Sir.

Civilian here and here at the service of Oath Keepers as needed.

I offer skills in computer programming, information technology, and am an amateur electronics and microprocessor developer. Was raised in the rural mid-west therefore am adept in hunting, auto & truck mechanics and fabrication areas. The combination of my broad skill-set allows me to design/build/make nearly anything that you can dream up whether it be offensive, defensive, recon, spying devices and/or weaponry- the sky is the limit as long as supplies & time are there.

You probably won’t need my skills unless things go hot but I am ready and willing to do whatever asked in support of the OK mission statements and US Constitution.  I work in the Fortune 500 arena and can provide some intelligence into what goes on behind closed doors there, you’d be surprised how tied into government these companies are. Interested in the concept of open source intelligence and would love to help out in that area or providing a secure database/comm./encryption if needed.

Just ask. I may not visit often- if you need me on short notice hit me at rich at displacedguy dot you know what.