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We have CPT’s, but I see little development of the associated “community” they are supposed to serve.  At least here in a city of over 800,000 members are coming from very distant points from each other, generally 10-20 miles from the east or 10-20 miles from the west.  If I include south it is easily 30 miles same as from the north.  Too far apart to be effective.  Following along the Special Forces ODA Tm configuration, maybe we should start pushing each disparate group to begin forming along the split team concept [1/2 and ODA or 6 members] with each discipline covered.  If or When the overall group gets together at a monthly meeting then maybe all the commo members, etc. could get together to discuss problems and solutions among themselves just like happens when the ODB or Bn pulls all of the ODA’s in.  I hear that is the way the Yavapai county OK do it at their monthly meeting although I have never been present to observe.

When the meeting is over and all the members redeploy back to their home areas the members need to practice with each other between monthly meetings as an ODA[minus].  This is also a good time to practice commo with the other teams in your OK group…at a distance.