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Well, I have set up forums before, bringing in old content into completely new software is HARD! To expect things to just magically appear with perfection is, frankly, just silly.

If you are upset that you can’t listen to your favorite 8-track tape songs on your new blu-ray surround sound system, well….

Imagine for a second what’s going on behind the scenes where you don’t get to peek. I would imagine 18 hour days, seven days a week for a long time on what are called development servers. That’s where people have been working their ass off. And every problem is being continued to be addressed on these development servers. Finally, what you are seeing now is what are called production servers. This is what the public sees.

Trust me, what looked good privately is being assaulted by different browsers, different operating systems, different hardware. There just isn’t any way to predict what will happen until things are put up and break. Every success is celebrated!

Once everything is fairly reliably working, it might be possible to bring in some old content. And maybe not. Please drop the hate it crap. You truly have no idea how deeply that insult is felt!

My response:

Thank you all so much for the tremendous effort you have put into all of this.

Keep up the good work. It is appreciated.