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Donate to Oath Keepers

Donate to Oath KeepersWe need your most generous support today!
We are in a battle for the survival of the Republic.

Your contribution to Oath Keepers makes a real difference in the fight to defend the Constitution.  The money you give goes directly to support the Oath Keepers mission.

The radical left and big-tech have combined to attack our ability to function online, including denial of service attacks and interruptions in our ability to process credit cards online.  We always find a way to defeat their attempts.

Until our credit card processing ability here on our site is restored, you can donate online by going here (a campaign run by our general counsel, Kellye SoRelle).


You can also mail in a check or money order, made payable to “Oath Keepers” here: 

Oath Keepers
Attn: Stewart Rhodes / General Funds
1030 E. Hwy 377
Ste 110 – 285
Granbury, TX 76048

We greatly appreciate your support!

Oath Keepers has been on the ground across the nation for years defending free speech, life and property against communist/Antifa violence – most recently at all three massive “Stop the Steal” rallies in Washington, DC, where we protected events, VIP speakers, and Trump supporters vulnerable to attack by Antifa, while we also supported President Trump, as he fought against the theft of the election. As you may know, some of our men and women who stood tall in D.C. are now being unjustly prosecuted by the corrupt FBI and DOJ, and this org is being defamed by partisan leftist media and politicians, who hate anyone who gets in the way of their Antifa/BLM street thugs. When you get lots of flack, that’s when you know you are over the target!

You can watch an interview with Kellye Sorelle and Stewart Rhodes, discussing all of that.

Prior to the theft of the election, we also protected Trump supporters outside a dozen massive Trump rallies all over the nation during the campaign, since Antifa loves to attack unarmed Trump supporters after they exit a rally where they must go through Secret Service security checkpoints.

Oath Keepers has also conducted a dozen hurricane disaster relief missions, and has protected businesses and homes from violent Antifa and BLM arsonists and looters. One such example was in Louisville, KY where we successfully defended three businesses and a residence from arson threats.

Oath Keepers also works to prepare our communities as part of our Community Preparedness Team (CPT) initiative and we back up our local police (so long as they honor their oath) against far-left terrorism and cop killers, with our Back the Blue and Family Safe Operations (pledging to protect the homes and families of local police, fire, and other first responders). We also sponsor billboards outside of military bases and other educational and outreach efforts (which will become all the more important as the radical left regime attempts to purge patriots from the ranks), as well as holding public webinars on community security and preparedness. Your donation makes all that possible and we appreciate every bit of support you give us.

Our immediate mission is:

    1. Support our men and women who are being unjustly and maliciously prosecuted for entering the Capitol on Jan 6 to give medical aid and to assist distressed LEOs (which is what we expect their defense to be)
    2. Work to strengthen our local communities to fight for clean elections and sanctuary counties to stand up in defense of the Constitution
    3. To continue to counter the ongoing violent communist insurrection across our country, where Antifa/BLM terrorize the vulnerable

Thank you for all you do with your time and money to support Oath Keepers.  Again:

Oath Keepers is continually under attack by the Radical Left. This has included denial of service attacks and other interruptions of our ability to function online. We always find a way to defeat their attempts.


We are working to get our creditcard processing back online. In the meantime..

From our GiveSendGo fundrasing campaign:

We are fighting against unjust arrest, malicious prosecution, defamation, and deplatforming of patriotic military and LEO veterans and Trump supporters.   Radical leftists have pressured big tech and financial companies to deplatform these courageous veterans for daring to oppose the radical left agenda, and for daring to protect Trump supporters from violent Antifa in the street.  Most recently,  they have even lost their ability to take online credit card payments because they refused to disavow or condemn members who were arrested after the Jan 6 protest in DC (taking the stand that ALL accused are innocent until proven guilty).

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Oath Keepers
Attn: Stewart Rhodes / General Funds
1030 E. Hwy 377
Ste 110 – 285
Granbury, TX 76048