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College campuses are a critical battleground for many of our freedoms. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to bear arms and much more are under constant assault at our institutions of higher learning. To address those concerns, we’re pleased to announce a new program. Oath Keepers will help you form campus groups to address these problems. Forget the safe spaces; join the fight for freedom. With our exclusive Oath Keepers resources, you’ll be able to start a campus chapter and make a real difference.

We want to hear from you about the challenges you face being a freedom loving college student in an environment that is hostile to your ideas. Please join us on our exclusive, private forum to discuss the issues, create strategies and implement solutions. We will have regular training sessions hosted by our top CPT trainers as well as other experts in various fields.


College Membership Description

There are two ways to become a Member. Pick the one that’s best for you:

Annual Member – $40/year

Liberty Tree Member – $7/month

Here are your member benefits:

  • Official Member status
  • Membership certificate suitable for framing
  • Laminated membership card with sequential member number
  • Access to our members-only national discussion forum
  • Access to our college student only discussion forum
  • Access to our members only communication system (Zello phone chat, tip line, HAM radio)
  • Access to our Family Safe Network where local chapters will assist your family if you’re away from home during an emergency
  • Access to Oath Keepers chapters across the country to assist you if you’re stuck away from home during an emergency
  • Assistance with starting and running an Oath Keepers student group on your campus
  • Access to members only Community Preparedness Team (CPT) Training
  • Access to premium content, including exclusive alerts, instructional videos, webinars and phone calls for members only
  • 2 Oath Keepers bumper stickers and 1 back window sticker
  • Color Oath Keepers brochures and Oath Keepers “push” cards (size of business cards) as an outreach “start up kit.”
  • Oath Keepers DVD
  • Pocket Constitution
  • *Special discounts on Oath Keepers gear, training, conventions, etc.
  • Access to special vendor discounts (Third party gear and training being offered to Oath Keepers members)

*Liberty Tree members get a 10% discount and Annual Members get a 5% discount