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“The New York Oath Keepers fully understand that the Law Enforcement Officers in New York State are one of the last lines of defense against the growing lawlessness of our own state and federal government officials. So please keep in mind that we are your fellow law enforcement officers, military members, firefighters and other first-responders. We are your brothers and sisters, your fathers and mothers, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors down the street. We are small business owners and a multitude of other honorable New Yorkers who are committed to supporting and obeying constitutional laws.”

As are many Americans right now, Texans may be waking up and realizing that their Second Amendment rights have been jeopardized by “unfair” “laws”, and Texas Republicans are striving to reduce the violations against Texas citizens by placing a pro-gun measure on the Texas primary ballot. When Texas citizens truly awaken to the loss of our Union, they will realize that all the “gun laws” on their books (excepting any which further ensure Second Amendment rights) are null and void anyway and need not be acknowledged by the citizens or their police.