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Category Archives: Second Amendment

Court has ruled in just one 2nd Amendment case since 2011. Stephen Gutowski – June 15, 2020 8:00 PM The Supreme Court on Monday denied a slew of gun-rights challenges focused on everything from state “assault weapons” bans to safety requirements and permit issues, sparking a blistering dissent from Justice Clarence Thomas who accused his […]

Monday, April 6, 2020  –  NRA-ILA The mask is off (so to speak), and it is now clear beyond any reasonable dispute: America’s largest and most well-funded gun control advocacy group is systematically trying to ban law-abiding Americans, en masse, from acquiring firearms. And this at a time when Americans in record numbers have decided […]

By Christine Favocci  3-6-2020 A pro-Second Amendment group has filed an application for a temporary extreme risk protection order against Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer after the New York Democrat threatened two United States Supreme Court justices. With all the subtlety of a New York mob boss, Schumer delivered his message on the steps […]

By Joe Saunders – January 14, 2020 Democrats might wield power in the Old Dominion, but gun rights backers haven’t given up the fight. As lawmakers met Monday to consider a slew of gun control bills, they were greeted by “thousands” of Second Amendment supporters determined to voice their opposition, The Washington Free Beacon reported. […]

The movement expands to additional states. By The Daily Sheeple | December 19, 2019 |  Sean Walton Democratic proposals to take, register, and possibly seize legally obtained weapons, has awoken the proverbial sleeping giant. Virginia gun owners in just 43 days have pushed 90% of the state’s counties to become gun “sanctuaries.” Since the Nov. […]