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– Just got this well-written ‘after-action’ report from Paul Stramer of Eureka, Montana. Oath Keepers salutes Paul for unwavering support of our operations in the field. You can read his report at his blog — ___________________________________________ Paul Stramer with unidentified Border Patrol Agent After Action Report – Operation Big Sky – White Hope Mine […]

– Oath Keepers national salutes Arizona’s Chino Valley /Yavapai Oath Keepers, who have earned a strongly supportive newspaper article with their Community Preparedness Team (CPT) activity. Jim Arroyo is doing an outstanding job there, while also serving the Arizona State Chapter as Vice President alongside SCP Gerald Rhoades. The local Chino Valley Review has published […]

  AmRRon CH 3 emergency radio project Saturdays at 1 PM at Valley Pizza in Eureka we have an operational training, open for anyone to attend. This Saturday we will be covering repeater usage and access. For more information call me: Paul Stramer  KC7MEZ SLC Distributing PO Box 116 Eureka MT 59917 800 889 […]