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Pedro Acosta: Testimonial: I listened politely the other day as a liberal friend questioned as to why I am unmovable in the belief that the US Constitution could not be significantly changed; as in the Second Amendment. It was a shocking revelation to hear because this guys not a millennial. He’s my age (60). I […]

Bumpy: Testimonial: Testimonial?!? Simply put, I am Happy there are fine organizations such as this, who see and understand what our Constitution truly is. The World and indeed life are not so simple as being black and white, indeed, there is much grey area involved. However when it comes to the genius of our Founding […]

Mike Smith: Testimonial: I am shocked and alarmed at the condition of our country. The moral and social decay of the American people and their elected leaders is a cancer that we cannot allow to continue; otherwise we will rot from the inside out. As a firefighter I helped people who were unable to help […]

I’m an “Associate” Member and Co-Lead a NY Chapter with retired police Detective. I’ve never served in uniform beyond the Boy Scouts, and yet I consider myself an Oath Keeper before all things…and all things are back seat to my trust in God, and faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. At 63 years […]

Anonymous: Testimonial: I have always felt honored to be able to say that my “American Heritage”, goes all the way back to 1633. Through my father’s mother, I am a direct successor of Johnathan Fairbanks, a signer of the Dedham, Mass., Covenant, and quite proud of the fact that Dedham was one of two, “…inland […]