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Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, will be attending this class and welcomes you to join him there. Actually, there are two classes. 1. A one day class on camouflage and awareness (the most critical skill) on June 4, 2015. Price for Oath Keepers is $50.00 per person. 2. A three day tracking class on June […]

Parts <one> and <two> touched upon these basics:   1) The fact that JADE HELM 2015 is an Unconventional Warfare exercise; 2) The fact that UW includes PSYOP and Civil Affairs activity; 3) The fact that Civil Affairs involves cultural anthropology and social study; 4) The Army’s Unconventional Warfare listing of “INSTRUMENTS OF NATIONAL POWER”; […]

Michael Giles found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. An Air Force veteran, with tours in Iraq and Kuwait, he is in prison for 25 years, for using a gun in defense of his life. Even the presiding Judge thinks the mandatory sentence is too harsh, given the facts of the case, […]

[Editor’s Note: The following is an editorial written to express my personal perception of a compilation of various background facts relevant to the arising phenomenon called JADE HELM 15. As such, this should be considered only as my individual take on JH15. This article is not in any way intended to be an official statement […]

[ot-video type=”youtube” url=””] Audio of Stewart Rhodes Interviewing Oath Keepers of Josephine County, Oregon about the Sugar Pine Mine Security Operation, protecting the miner’s 5th Amendment protected right to due process of the law. Recorded April 27, 2015 Photos courtesy of Jim Urquhart of REUTERS For all truthful information, instructions, rules for the Sugar Pine […]

Film makers traditionally consider a successfully-filmed segment of a movie-in-progress to be “In The Can”, as reels of exposed film were to be kept in round cans, right? James Jaeger is a film producer who has many years experience making films, and has a habit of talking in movie-making jargon. So when James told me […]