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Category Archives: multiculturalism

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux recently went on a speaking tour of Australia. They had planned on also speaking in New Zealand, but were prevented from doing so by authorities who feared their would be violence, not coming from Lauren or Stefan, but from those who wished to disrupt their venues and prevent them from speaking.

In a very revealing article posted by Paul Joseph Watson, on, Paul points out a HuffPost Germany writer, Veit Lindner, who asserts, that to stop the momentum of the “new right,” “it would actually be best to just replace” the German people with foreigners. Huffington Post Germany calls for the German people to be […]

In an article in Breitbart, Make Babies Great Again: Hungarian Fertility Rates Rise, Turns Back Demographic Decline: Hungary’s pro-family culture has resulted in a rising fertility rate for married women which is “winding back the clock” on demographic decline — a trend once deemed irreversible in Europe and used by globalists to justify mass migration […]

In the following video by the Iconoclast, Angela Merkel is shown first, speaking (in two instances) AGAINST immigration. These two speeches were from times past, however, and now Merkel LOVES immigration, though the same conditions exist that she railed about in her early speeches. Angela Merkel has changed her tune in recent years, much to […]

Black Pigeon Speaks has an interesting video about the shift in international dynamics brought about by President Trump and his America First Doctrine. The New World Order crowd is, of course, aghast at this doctrine, as it is in direct opposition to the Globalist One World view. Since the demise of the Soviet Union, the […]

The latest invasion of the West by the Muslims, in the form of mass immigration instead of armies, has brought about a very curious alliance between the Radical Muslims and Radical Feminists. Radical Muslims hold little, or no, respect for women. The Radical Muslims treat women as property of the men. They force them to […]